Who Done it?

Attention ladies and gentlemen, there’s something I must address.
I’d like to draw your attention to this terrible brown mess.

Someone in this room has committed this fecal atrocity.
That’s right. One of you didn’t flush away your monstrosity.

You left it to sit and ferment like a loaf of brown bread.
The next patron fainted upon seeing your doodoo-dread.

Was it Lady Shittington with the plunger in the study?
Surely we all know she smells a bit muddy.

Or was it The Poofessor with the plumbing pipe in the cellar?
He has an affinity for sandwiches spread with Buttella.

Maybe it was Colonel Musturd, using Toilet Duck in the kitchen?
Everyone is aware he loves to go brown trout fishin’.

As The Pootective, you must de-deuce from these clues…
Or maybe it was me who left these horrid poos!

Pure Pooetry

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