Wait Your Turn

Excuse me but I cannot help you right now.
Something urgent has become known to my bowels.

I’m very sorry but I am quite busy too.
I gotta pump out a wicked number two.

The sign on the door clearly says occupied.
At least that’s what my brown eye spied.

Though I’d love to help you with meaningless tasks.
Just as soon as I can remove this safety gas mask.

See, this room has been filled with such a stench.
The kind I imagine comes from Judi Dench.

After dropping a load from her crusty backside…
The aroma will make you run and hide.

Like a combo of fruit cakes and moth-balls.
Such potency to put you on all fours.

So please be patient and wait your turn.
My fecal session has yet to adjourn.

Pure Pooetry