The Bog of a Million Riches

The Bog of a Million Riches…
Has soiled countless britches.

Due to lavish and extravagant lifestyle…
And consumption of food in massive piles.

Mountains of edibles are all tamed.
Then recycled out into the Thames.

No penny is ever spared for this hunger.
There’s no consideration for the plunger.

The cycle of gluttony is never-ending.
While pipes are clogged beyond mending.

The fat pigs gobble load after load.
Comfortably well off in their abode.

Their cheeks cushioned upon a throne of gold.
Deposit mammoth dumps never before told.

Their plumbing made of silver and brass…
Is only fit for the wealthiest ass.

But their greed will be their final demise…
As they wear out their stained brown eyes.

Pure Pooetry

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