Oh my turd, this is going to be bad.
The pain in my coight is the worst I’ve ever had.

Yesterday was the lunch of the Pooets…
We scoffed down burgers so really I shoulda knew it.

The burgers were big in size and big on taste.
And after digestion, it appears big on waste.

With every step, I took towards the loo…
Gas escaped signalling an urgent poo.

There was another problem… I was at the shops.
Could there be a worse place to make the drop?

Then with the gas escaping, I felt the pain ease.
I guess my bowels had begun to breathe.

I’d bought myself some time so hurried home.
Pedal to the metal… if my car had wings I woulda flown.

With a boot to the door, I made it inside.
But now explosive pressure had built inside my hide.

I dropped my dacks and entered the toilet door.
Then came the chocolate… it didn’t rain, it poured!

Pure Pooetry

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