Poop Plant

What colour does your middle eye blink?
Right now mine’s brown, but before it was pink.

When the eye opened wide to gaze about…
Out from it grew a brown vine, a creeper sprout.

And it gave a stinky-wink of such awful smells.
When I got a whiff I yelled “HELL’S BELLS!”

I fled the room to find a place to breathe.
I had to escape before I violently heaved.

It’s now been a week and I take a sneaky peek.
What was once water is now a flowing creek!

And in my bowl, I have a poop plant growing tall.
I’ll have to plant my brown seeds in another stall.

Or I could give a call to The Logging Lumberjack.
He’s quite good at chopping logs from his crack!

Pure Pooetry

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