Magic, Pooetry

The Stinky-Wink

This morning’s dump is unlike any other.
A foul stench warns me to run for cover.
You see, as my brown eye does open…
Not only has brown globs awoken…
But it’s The Stinky-Wink I discover.

A vile beast that lurks in the brown abyss.
To invite it’s presence you would be amiss.
Even though it has a friendly name.
Raining brown torment is it’s game.
And you will beg for Poseidon’s Kiss.

The brown pain and misery you’ve been dealt.
Can only be understood if it’s been felt.
Your rectum will reach new widths.
As it takes relentless hits after hits.
The Stinky-Wink is poojitsu brown belt.

For when it leaves your bowels.
Like a wounded dog you will howl.
It will feel like you’re birthing a rhino.
This shitting will turn you into an albino.
And you’ll long to throw in the paper towel.

Pure Pooetry

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