Nutty Butt: Part III

Oh my god, it’s finally happened!
The fecal floodgates have awakened!

After a serious bout of shitty blockage,
My bowels release the brown hostage.

Look here, I don’t know how and I don’t know why,
But freedom has brought a tear to my brown eye.

So that’s it, no more overdosing on cashews.
It’s the cause of all my rectal brown spews.

Well, the spews and the lack thereof…
When my butt has a fecal stand-off.

These nefarious nuts had put a jolt on the go.
Ceasing my ass from unleashing the flow.

So to celebrate I make a delicious sandwich.
Its contents, my favourite, peanut butter garnish.

Oh crap, this celebratory meal was a mistake!
I’ve gone and created another blocked snake!

Pure Pooetry

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