The Fecal Serpent

A long brown jelly snake, left my anus and made the bowl shake.

This fearsome creature only seldom seen, from a time long ago… the time of the dream.

Slithered out its home and into foreign land, it found water but was looking for sand.

It was a ferocious beast and slid quite slow. Such malice in his eyes I’ll have you know.

His skin was so shiny, healthy and slimy. When we made eye contact I screamed COR-BLIMEY!

The sound of the hiss as he slid, can only be rivalled by a car skid.

Not to mention the horrible smell, like a horrible beast straight out of Hell.

It was the stench of death only much worse. Just one whiff will make you curse.

Then with a flush the beast wasn’t seen. But he stained the bowl never to be cleaned.

Where he went I do not know. Perhaps looking for you or that dream time long ago.

This my friends is not a fable. If you happen to see him… do not fear if you’re able.



Pure Pooetry

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