Shit’s Outta Control

Shit’s blowing up, shit’s outta control.
My ass smoulders with brown charcoal.
The mess it made is hard to describe.
Such explosive poower, I closed my eyes.
I’m eager to flush and cleanse this bowl.

But first I must attend to my dirty gash.
It was injured in the violent brown crash.
But also the debris-doo that ricocheted around…
Painted the bathroom in shades of brown.
Leaving stains resembling avocadoo smash.

My gawd! The rectomius is feeling sore.
Not just from wiping the brown gore.
And the porcelain is coated in filthy grime.
Thrice I flushed to get any kind of shine.
And left behind is a skidmark in my drawers.

Pure Pooetry

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