Magic, Pooetry

Phantom of The Poopera

Something escaped my ass as I drove.
Its fumes where fiery to the nose.

This could only mean there was a beast…
A horrible monster that wasn’t at peace.

He wanted out at any cost!
I pondered if my butthole would be lost.

The fecal beast roared a firey spew!
It was time for battle upon the loo.

The burning gas quickly filled the air.
Then I said goodbye to my nose hair.

I felt an explosion and heard the sound.
The fecal beast had just been crowned.

Not even death could smell so bad…
This was truly like something I’d never had.

Then upon the beast I had to gaze…
But it was hard to see from the pooey haze.

So I waited until the haze was cleared…
But the fecal beast had disappeared.

Pure Pooetry

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