A Poomance

What is currently working its way out of my ass, in the fecal world is nothing but class.

It has to be 2 feet in length, accompanied by a magnificent stench.

Upon my whiff my nose hairs curled, it is really something out of this world.

As it passed I closed my eyes and tried to picture, the terrific dump that would be laying in the fixture.

Such a girth of 3 inches wide, there was not a place for it to hide.

Turdariffic brown and a sheen to match it really is quite the catch.

If I could I’d mount it on my wall, in a glass case with lights and all.

But back to the issue of this magnificent wonder, that came out of my ass with a terrific thunder.

I’m so proud of this poo from me it was done! When I saw it my heart was won.

If I flush it my heart will break, I will always regret such a fecal mistake.

Lucky for me no one is home. I shall stay here with my poo while I’m all alone.

The things we do will be a precious memory, until my family returns and he’s sent to the poo cemetery.

Pure Pooetry

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