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Papa Poosepi and The Morning Glory

You’re in for a treat coz it’s time for a story.
About Papa Poosepi and his morning glory.

The day was Monday, the first day of his work.
And as per usual his coffee made his anus twerk.

Papa Poosepi was outside drinking his coffee.
He had half a cup left so he chugged it before making toffee.

A rumbling began from deep inside.
Papa Poosepi was about to go for a ride.

The pressure was building fast so he decided to run.
But what happened next was in no way fun.

A staircase stood in Papa Poosepi’s way.
Could he hold on or would he spray?

Papa Poosepi did hold on with all of his might.
He made it to the throne and released his shite.


Pure Pooetry

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