Fecal Demise

This turd has met with it’s fecal demise!
The pooping was good but the stink I despise!

I swear on my mother’s grave this brown must pay.
I will not back down, this shit I must slay!

So with a scowl on my face and anger in my heart,
I farewell this rancid mass with a revengeful fart.

It doesn’t go without a fight, this is one stubborn lump.
For too long has this disdain dangled from my rump.

With a quick flick of a cheek, like snapping it’s neck,
The lil sucker falls to it’s death, to be flushed to heck.

And flushed away this brown menace goes.
Where it’ll end up, only Satan knows.

Pure Pooetry

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