Pooetry, The High Seas

Dingleberried Treasure

The extraction of this fecal lump.
Left my rectum in quite a slump.
Dragging out the dingleberry slug.
It had become my butthole’s plug.
No longer could I perform the crump.

Wriggling like a soiled little worm.
The dingleberry gave a little squirm.
No more will it cause a shitty blockage.
Shitful ships shan’t be charged dockage.
They now set sail solid and firm.

The buried treasure finally secure.
Rescued from it’s stinky sewer.
Now it’s onboard the vessel clean.
A turdy tugboat of farts and steam.
Though it is far from pure.

And so the fecal fleet shall depart.
Safe passage on the nautical chart.
The turd treasure is heavily guarded.
You’d have to be mentally retarded…
If you tried stealing it with a fart.

Pure Pooetry

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