Breaking The Seal

I started the day with a mountain of food.
Excessive volumes cos I was in the mood.

I just kept on eating, load after load.
Inside I was building the poopy payload.

When lunchtime came I did exactly the same.
Adding to the inner turmoil like it’s just a game.

Why was I doing this? What was the reason?
A couple explanations, it was the silly season…

So much leftovers and gifted snacks.
All are fuel for my rear crack attack!

But I also wanna set a record for a monster dumping.
So now I’m scoffing down half a dozen dumplings.

Now it’s dinner and I’ve ordered a pizza or five.
Somehow after eating these, I’m still alive.

Now for dessert and I’ve loaded up my spoon.
I’m about to gulp it down when my butt does swoon.

The time has come, the erupting is finally here!
Out floods the world’s biggest crap from my rear!

Pure Pooetry

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