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Blockage of Cheese

This is quite the difficult poo.
All because I forgot to chew.
The feta is not easily passed.
I should have done a fast.
I can’t shake free the stringy glue.

Need Eno, Pepto and Quick-Eze.
Gotta settle the stilton sleaze.
Will this fromage blockage ever be free?
If only it was soft and runny like brie.
Instead, it’s like a brick of cheddar cheese.

Try as I might, the ricotta remains.
Scoffing that gouda, I shoulda abstained.
I’m guilty, and now paying the price.
If there was fibre, or maybe some rice…
I wouldn’t be enduring lower cottage pains.

I never wanted a feeling such as this…
I can’t poop through holes of Swiss.
I need cream cheese, melted or runny.
Then it would surely leave my tummy.
And Babybel, I’d have bog-free bliss.

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