The Yuleturd Log

It was Christmas eve and all was well. 
Except for my gut, it began to swell. 

I knew it was time, I knew what was coming. 
Another Christmas miracle for the plumbing. 

Then and there The Yuleturd had started… 
The massive block in my bowels departed. 

Then The Yuleturd Log oozed out below. 
And into the fireplace, it started to glow. 

The massive shape of this fabled log… 
Burned thickly, leaving a brown smog. 

Melting upon the hearth it did creak… 
It’s magical powers were about to reek. 

Suddenly the whole family began a-crappening! 
The Yuleturd Log’s gifts were finally happening! 

Cheers all around as the generosity was combined. 
The Log had gifted us from our own behinds! 


Merry Christmas from The Pure Pooetry team!

Pure Pooetry

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