The Scent of Obscurity

My day started just like any other.
In the loo to birth a brown brother.

Afterwards, something was not right.
My butthole still felt quite tight.

I’d dropped a monster load the size of a cow.
How my rectum survived, I’ll never know how.

I took a walk and spotted a bird flying above.
WTF? I was mistaken, it was a poo-filled glove.

Then I noticed people acting quite strange.
Someone juggling turds, how deranged!

The situation had taken quite a turn,
When then my asshole started to burn.

From my rear out burst a flaming shit.
Hovering before me, how’d it get lit?

It flew speedily toward my fearful face.
Screaming, I didn’t want this fecal disgrace!

My eyes opened and I had awoken in bed.
All this fecal obscurity was just in my head.

Thank crud it was all just a dream.
But my sheets will need a good clean.

Pure Pooetry

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