The Flaming Bag

Here’s the prank known as The Flaming Bag.
It’s an all-time favourite doodoo gag!

What a great prank! What a treat!
Seeing people get poop on their feet!

Grab a paper bag, any colour will do.
Soon it will be soiled brown with poo.

Now go poo hunting, easier said than done.
You may have to collect from your own bum.

If you have a cat or dog, you are in luck.
Collect their leavings, scoop up that muck.

Dump it in the bag, careful not to get on you.
You choose how full it’ll be of that awful poo.

Once done roll it up, but not too tight.
And grab something to give it a light!

Plant it on the doorstep of your worst foe.
They’re going to step in this hot dough!

Set it alight, ring their bell and run!
Now sit back and watch the fun!

Pure Pooetry

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