Speedy Shit

Rocketing to the loo, I gots to go real bad.
My face is so red you’d think I was mad.

Bolting the door closed, I throw down my pants.
I slam down my butt for the doodie dance.

Speedily I void my bowels, quick as a flash.
Guts dump into the bowl with a mighty splash.

But wait there’s more…
A new sudden downpour!

This one is thick, fast and furious.
What’d I eat? I’m quite curious.

The stench hits, and I remember just like that.
It was all that fibreless junk that’s made me fat.

When it finally completes its outing…
I prepare for the rectal scouting.

Toilet paper in hand, I’m ready for clean-up duty.
It’s time to scoop out the last of the doodie.

Now clean as a whistle, I add a scented spray.
Rectum is now ready for another shitful day.

Pure Pooetry

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