Zero Gravity Potty

Captain Gaseous Maximus reporting for duty.
I’m filling up the fuel tanks with my own doodie.

I’m on a mission to the far reaches of space.
Upon smelling this, I want to see my co-pilot’s face.

The Nasshole Corporation has funded this trip.
They’re aware I’ll be firing cylinders below the hip.

Tubes from the crew’s rectums connect to the afterburner.
We mix it with the fuel for a stinky fecal churner.

Tanks are filled and the countdown has started.
You better plug your noses because I’ve just farted!

The blasting force leaves my bowels depleted.
The raw sewerage used was pure and untreated.

Our journey is long and the destination is Uranus.
We’re going to explore the depths of the alien anus!

Pure Pooetry

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