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SALE! Voiding The Vowels Turns 1!

Our first book, Volume 1: Voiding The Vowels has just turned 1!

To celebrate this small milestone, you can pick up a copy of the book for the next 3 days at a special price of $10. That’s nearly a third discounted! Be sure to grab a copy! Ideally, one for each bathroom you have! Click here to purchase!

That’s right, this time last year we unleashed Pure Pooetry upon the world in physical form. We squeezed out many an epic pooem into this book. In fact, there’s a total of THREE HUNDRED AND NINE pooems! Not to mention over 20 pooems that you won’t find on our website! Some of our best ones were specially penned for the book too! And we even crafted over 20 sculptures from our custom brown clay!

You can still pick up a copy over on at the normal price.

Pure Pooetry

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