There’s a fancy museum, and it’s well known.
Mr. Whippy shaped and a brown colour tone.

Located in the wonderful and glorious New York City.
Though sometimes that place can be a bit shitty.

This museum showcases all types of turds and poos.
Some solid and hefty, others runny like ooze.

It even houses articles from historical times.
Like Lincolon’s trousers, stained in brown slime.

You’ll also see an alternate wig once worn by Trump.
It’s not blonde this one, but rather a brown lump.

Clinton’s used cigar, once shoved where it shouldn’t go.
Now it’s quite stinky and has a dark beige glow.

Even Yogi Bear’s fur appears in a glass case.
Clumped within the hairs are a pooey trace.

Pure Pooetry

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