Poo Years Resolution

It was the poo years resolution that got me to writing.
For I’d been on a break from porcelain smiting.

Two in one day I could not ignore,
cheeks stapled to the seat, and feet to the floor.

I braced for lift off as the poo went flying.
To say it felt good, I’d definitely be lying.

But in the poofusion and chaos that rained,
some how, some way, a butt cheek I sprained.

A sudden change of direction as my left buttock went limp.
The right took over like the hand of a pimp.

I swayed and swayed to regain control of body.
But to no avail, my buttocks still wobbly.

It finally ended and I prepared for the worst.
But was surprised when I looked down, and saw a brown pretzeled bratwurst!

Pure Pooetry

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