Nutty Butt: Part I

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
A food barrage demands bowels defend.

I’ve fallen victim to many a cashew nut.
It’s result is a blockage deep in my butt.

Alas, I simply don’t know when to quit.
Handful after handful, bowels take the hit.

The time is upon me, so to the loo I go.
I’m hoping this blockage will somehow flow.

I attempt to produce some nutty brown butter.
But all that comes out is a feeble fecal splutter.

The struggle is real, this is one stubborn load.
Put on my strong face and go into grunt mode.

I’m finding no joy, no release from this muck.
It’s like cement down there, my brown is stuck!

Yet time and pressure are on my side.
With some luck I can heave with my hide.


Pure Pooetry

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