Not Enough Shitters

There’s only two cubicles in this joint.
Lack of facilities is the case in point.

This is where I work, my place of employment.
Too few stalls leaves little enjoyment.

So I’m dumping in one and the other is for disabled.
But when you gotta go, your ass becomes enabled.

While I’m shitting I hear someone storm in.
A second later they leave and I do grin.

I like to think it was the boss man.
Only two cubicles, are you a fan?

The disabled one is clearly available and free.
This proud fool mustn’t need a quick fecal spree.

No shame using disabled if you are busting to go.
It’s obvious one is not enough for the company flow.

Few things are worse than a tight-ass employer.
Imagine the boss having to dump in the foyer!

Pure Pooetry

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