Fat Brown Rhymes

I got my papers and I got my bling.
Soon out my anus brown will sing.
But I don’t wanna bust it out just yet.
Gotta play it safe, else pants get wet.
And I don’t wanna stain from my ring.

The brown must flow, there’s no denying.
And I need to send this sloppy shit a-flying!
But bowels feel loose and anus isn’t ready.
Clench tightly to stay focused and steady.
In my these bowels, a bulge is occupying.

Woo! Poo! A safety-shittin’ base is found.
Now I plant my fleshy round mound.
But I won’t blast til you’ve heard my spiel.
It’s about time this shit got real.
Check out who is brown-crowned.

So here come some fat brown rhymes.
I’m dropping these loads just in time.
I’ll squeeze some out nice and slow.
Others fast so your ass and mind blow.
Cos I’m a poo-pro, I doodoo this fulltime.

These lyrical loads are like no other.
With wizardry words I brownly smother.
PLOP! There goes another bronze blurb.
Only foes and prudes find these to perturb.
I’m the shittin’ hard, Shizhard effin’ motha!

Pure Pooetry

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