Pooetry, War

Enter The Poo Mutant!

I was once a normal human being,
Now a sight to which you’ll be fleeing.

I am The Almighty Poo Mutant!
See my powerful bowel movement!

I live in the post-apocalyptic wastelands.
I excrete liquid waste from my sweat glands.

It’s a bit like Mad Max, the desolation is vast.
For fun, a rainbow of poo out my butt I’ll cast.

The cannibals who terrorise humanity’s scraps,
Scream and run when I’ve got the craps.

Armed with a doodoo on the end of a stick,
The cannibals cry when I give it a flick.

I roam the lands spreading my brown love.
And occasionally giving birth to a chocolate dove.

I’m kinda like Batman, I strike fear in my foes.
Only I have shit oozing out from between my toes.

Pure Pooetry

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