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Call of The Wizard’s Crack: Part 2

The evil Dung Stealer stood poised at my door.
I got ready to unleash nuggets of mystical lore.

How dare they attack me in my magic poo tower!
So I summoned a hot torrential shit shower.

My spell produced a brown cloud just above his head.
“I hope you brought an umbrella!” angrily I said.

The fiend was pelted with searing hot fecal matter.
It rained down like chunks of thick brown batter.

Blobs of roasting rancid mush melted on his face.
Screaming, he pissed his pants all over the place.

He stumbled out of the shit shower’s reach.
Then turned to me with an angry screech…

He charged at me with the poo still steaming.
Luckily for me I had already started scheming.

He grabbed me by the throat and I began to choke.
But at that moment my turtle head did poke.

My crusty wizard’s crack did open wide.
Releasing the magic from within my hide.

A deafening flatulence erupted from my anus.
Music to my ears, but to all others, heinous.

It was my enchanted turtle head poo.
And it started to sing it’s vocal spew.

The acolyte released me and cupped his bleeding ears.
The poo soundwave made his eardrums brownly smear.

Then came the stink, an outpouring pungent death.
The acolyte gasped when he inhaled the dragon’s breath.

I’d prepared this butt crack spell much earlier.
I bet he’d never witnessed anything surlier.

The Dung Stealer dropped to his knees, writhing in torment.
He could no longer take the overwhelming shitful scent.

He got to his feet and out my tower window he did dive.
A brown splatter is all he left, his butt never to be revived.


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