Sitting on a Goldmine

I feel an eruption deep below.
Look down and see a bronze glow.
Then the smell hits my face.
I cannot yet escape this place.
I must complete the mining flow.

Nugget after nugget, clump after clump.
I continue mining out this stinky dump.
Through this fudge tunnel, I do trudge.
Sifting through the brown sludge.
Until I reach the heart of this rump.

The stench grows stronger and stronger.
I won’t be able to take this much longer.
But I finally come to the old miner’s shaft.
There’s evidence of old rectal barf.
Just a little further I must wander.

I feel I’m close, I pass familiar things.
Half-digested stuff including buffalo wings.
Wading through a specific mineral.
Finally, I reach the gooey pinnacle!
I made it to the flowing brown springs!

Pure Pooetry

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