Brown Eye of The Storm

Brace yourself against the door…
Get ready for the brown downpour!

This unnatural disaster now unfolds.
Power of poop released tenfold.

It rockets out in a flash flood…
A landslide river of thick mud.

Volumes of fecal gush rapidly.
Spraying everywhere haphazardly.

A speck of yellow quickly flies past.
A corn in the brown stream is cast.

Speeds clocked 250km and above.
Whirlwind farts violently shoved.

A doostructive category 5 hurricane.
And now my butt cheeks are sprained.

This blast measures 5.9 on the rectal scale.
Earth and bowel-shattering, I turn pale.

This brown eye of the storm gives a wink.
Hold your breath, here comes the stink!

Pure Pooetry

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