The Constipation Consolation

Yesterday I was stuck with constipation.
All my turds were filled with hesitation.

No matter what I did I found no relief.
I was completely shocked… in disbelief.

Normally I’m a frequent pooer.
When it comes to turds I’m a real can-do-er.

Something was wrong, I thought, could my ass be broken?
My poopoo valve just didn’t want to open.

I had a few hot brews to move things along.
But all I got was horrible pong.

Many hours later things were still the same.
I pondered what horrible ass demon was to blame.

Then 19 hours in, something happened.
My body told me it was time for a crappin’.

So I ran to the throne at such an incredible pace.
I left with a turd in the bowl and a smile on my face.

Pure Pooetry

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