Sniff Pootron

Like Frankenstein’s Monster, this creation was a mistake.
A robotic dictator assassin programmed to poo cakes.

Born from good intentions, but something went sour.
Maybe that final fart gave him a weird evil power.

A robotic chef gone wrong, his speciality was desserts.
Now the only chocolates he produces gives the butt-hurts.

Set loose on the world, Pootron runs amok.
Shitting in the streets and flinging brown muck.

A homeless man he spied on his rampages.
Coated him in so much poo, his own dark ages.

He raided an ice cream parlour of their creamy scoops.
Left in it’s place nothing but heinous chocolate poops.

But he met his demise when he 3D printed his own rectum.
He got sucked in and his own butthole indeed wrecked him.

Pure Pooetry

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