Foreign Fecal Matter: Part 2

Continpooed from Foreign Fecal Matter: Part 1.

It’s been days since I barricaded myself in the research lab.
I’m pooping in a glass beaker, squatting like a crab.

The rest of the crew has been devoured by the alien goo.
So I’m concocting a formula to fight it with my own poo.

Months ago we took off on this spacetime expedition…
We discovered foreign fecal with a sinister disposition.

I’m the sole survivor on this poo-doomed spaceship.
Reaching Earth means the fan gets hit with shit.

I examine a stinky test tube and give it a rattle.
I’ve created my own fecal formula to do battle.

It’s a toxic poop spray that will subdue the alien mass.
But I have to get close enough to squirt it up its own ass.

I put on a hazmat suit and venture in the danger zone.
I creep out hoping my cover and ass won’t be blown.

I hear a dreadful slopping, a gurgling and a bubbling.
I creep closer to inspect the foreign fecal troubling…

Sure enough, it’s the alien, gooping upon a corpse.
It oozes my ex-crew member like it were a dead horse.

I try to get closer but it turns and releases a screech.
If only I’d used a silent but deadly, if only I were in reach…

The alien lunges for me, shit has turned drastic.
My anus quivers in fright, it poops like a spastic.

I reach back and find an orange safety cone.
Quickly I swing it at the alien, it finds it’s home.

I realise these cones could be used as a makeshift funnel.
I could deliver the formula to the alien’s rectal tunnel.

While stunned I shove the cone into the alien’s mouth.
Then grab another and decide to plant this one south.

I pour some formula down the alien’s throat.
It gags and sputters, then wails like a goat.

With the other cone I shove it right up the beast’s ass.
Then throw the entire mixture down, including the glass.

For a second the alien looks confused, it pauses in shock.
Then it’s whole body shakes and rumbles, it begins to rock.

Suddenly the alien bursts open with brown steam everywhere.
I’ll tell you what, this gave my rectum another flooding scare.

But now the threat is over, I’m finally safe and sound.
Then I see movement from one of the steaming mounds…

Pure Pooetry

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