Foreign Fecal Matter: Part 1

Just how far would you stoop.
For science and rancid poop.

This stool sample from another world.
A scent that makes nostril hairs curl.

An alien specimen obtained obscenely.
We find it does not come peacefully.

While exploring with my science crew.
We navigated through spacetime poo.

We collected some hideous alien matter.
Now it erupts with a sinister splatter.

The captain has succumbed to the brown.
His lifeless cheeks wear a smeared frown.

The research officers have gone down fighting.
The alien mass gave them a soggy smiting.

The brave gunmen never stood a chance.
Fecal tendrils attacked them in their pants.

Now I remain alone in the research lab.
I hear it coming, the lumpy alien slab.

I must not let this reach the human population.
A plan to defeat the fecal begins formation…


Pure Pooetry

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