Doodoo Destruction

Here’s a tale of doodoo destruction.
A time of mega pants eruption.

The moment of touchdown, something wasn’t right.
The fecal left my anus with tremendous might.

The porcelain received a record-breaking explosion.
So much so my seat suffered pooful erosion.

The bathroom shook and the foundations crumbled.
Then out my ass a few little crumbs did tumble.

These aftermath pebbles were small and bite-sized.
After the monster that just struck, I wasn’t surprised.

Even little bits of porcelain lay scattered on the floor.
My smouldering ass cheeks cried out “Please! No more!”

But it was unstoppable. Another blast erupted.
My anus’ life was cut short, interrupted.

A pile of ash is now all of me that remains.
Even the skid marks and their embedded stains.

I think to myself, what an awful way to go…
Then I’m scooped up and flushed with the flow.

Pure Pooetry

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