Brown Murky Hell

I actually don’t know what to write anymore.
As there is sweat on the seat that I can’t ignore.

It’s not from me, but the previous dude.
Who obviously struggled while birthing his poo.

I’m stuck at an impasse, whatever should I do?
I’m not keen to slip on sweat, while I  poo.

And then the decision is taken from me.
As my partner in crime begins to turtle gleefully.

I jump to attention and drop my dacks.
Bending at an awkward angle to shoot the gap.

Much to my surprise my plan worked great!
Not a centimetre of skin touched the sweaty seat slate.

The only problem I face now, is how to make my escape.
And explain to others why the toilet is left in such a state.

See with the awkward angle I couldn’t aim to well…
And ended up covering the floor in a brown murky Hell!

Pure Pooetry

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