Back To The Crack

We haven’t poosted a pooem in nearly a week.
What can I say, our shits grown too weak.

I’d ask for forgiveness but I’m too proud.
Gather round this bowl and form a crowd.

Now our deposits are healthy and strong.
We gots the fecal rhyming comin’ back on.

So here is a streaming return to the norm.
Rhymes of shite, not German Poo Porn!

Check out our phrases of fecal for a giggle.
Or dump out your own with a lil wiggle.

That’s if you get words and poos stuck.
Talking constipation, writer’s block can suck!

These poo-parallels, I hope they sink in.
Like a fresh soggy brown, in for the win.

I close this one with a flush from above.
Now I fly free, like a ripe soiled dove.

Pure Pooetry

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