FebPOOary Overflow

It’s the first of Feb, y’know what that means?
A brand new month and a toilet bowl to clean.

It was filled to the brim during the month of Jan.
It was the festive season, plus, just cos we can.

It was hideously grotesque, an awful sight to behold.
Each additional deposit left my spine feeling cold.

It got to the point where I’d need to shoot from on high.
Doing air drops to avoid getting shit on my thigh.

This pyramid of poo grew right out of the bowl.
A stalagmite of shite, all birthed from one butthole.

Yes, there was the occasional nasty overflow.
It would spill down like rancid brown snow.

Eventually I’d created a mighty mound of human waste.
The smell so rank, something you could practically taste.

It was time to flush, the month had come to an end.
It was time to farewell my monstrous fecal friend.

So with a new industrial sized toilet pump.
I said goodbye to the enormous filthy lump.

Pure Pooetry

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