Tour of The Poo Zoo

I planted my ass to squeeze out a poo.
But what came out belongs in the zoo.

Open your mind, don’t be an ignoramus.
Here comes wildfire from my anus.

Now open your brown eye and make a donation.
I heard the zoo accepts the odd brown creation.

So come with me we’re going there right now.
I hope I can donate to them this soggy plow.

First up we have the exhibit of monkeys.
Lots of dung flinging, acting like junkies.

Next we have the mighty elephant enclosure.
I accidentally caught a glimpse of their rear exposure.

Their enormous butts spilled forth the brown goo.
And there it lay, giant piles of steaming poo.

Now we’re on the way to see the zoo’s reptiles.
They slither and slide like a deuce with sloppy smiles.

And here’s the lions and tigers, they’re looking ferocious.
One is taking a hefty dump, it looks quite atrocious.

Sadly on the way I stepped in a sneaky pile of shite.
The smell it released gave me such a terrible fright.

Poohaps I was really more embarrassed than just scared.
I came to see wild animal poo, not have my shoes impaired.

I wonder which animal left behind this nasty landmine.
Then in the bushes I hear a familiar sounding whine…

Investigating, I take a peak and am fully shocked!
It’s the zookeeper, squatting out his own brown stock!

Pure Pooetry

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