Flight of The Brown Concord

As I take the porcelain seat I announce “All aboard!”
Now commences the flight of the brown concord!

We take flight all wet and colorful like confetti.
Come see the brown flying monster of spaghetti.

We flail through the air like a toddler trying to swim.
Bits of poo fly off as we ungracefully flap our limbs.

This is the concords’s bungling virgin flight.
And with it giving those below much fecal fright.

This creature of the skies and also of the sewer.
Has stained the bowl unlike any other wrongdoer.

Now it’s time to land this stinking sloppy night bird.
But not before dropping onto bystanders our rancid turd.

With violent intent we carpet bomb the masses.
All that remains below is our slathered molasses.

Pure Pooetry

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