Pooetry, The High Seas

Brown Plunder

Dare ye not cross the pirates brown.
Lest ye sink into the poo and drown.

Avast ye swabs, I spy fecal ahoy!
Ha! I was pooping, that was a decoy!

I’m the captain, you may call me Brown Beard.
On the seven shitty seas I’m the most feared.

I also have a surly, swirly reputation.
For birthing my own pants crustaceans.

Our brown treasures are buried in secret.
Along with the stuff we’ve excreted.

For prized ransom we kidnap civilised folk.
Then make them clean our undies as a sick joke.

We also make them shit on the plank.
And yes, the wood gets mighty rank.

The cabin boy once used the treasure map…
To wipe the brown out of his ass gap.

After that we made him walk the plank of poo.
Then into the mouths of sharks he was chewed.

He and the land-lovers have tried to steal our plunder.
We’ve always fought them off with our brown chunder.

While sailing around The Coast of Brown Feg…
I slipped on a fish and sat on my wooden leg.

Admittedly, the night before we were drinking lots of rum.
While sloshed the bottle somehow ended up my bum!

Such swashbuckling adventures are never complete.
Until into the treasure chest we excrete.

This is our golden sought after plunder.
Our enemies’ asses will be torn asunder!

Pure Pooetry

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