To Doo List

Things get quite busy this time of the year.
Without time for pooems I shed a brown tear.
To keep organised I’ve made a to doo list.
I started it while blasting out a brown mist.
Now the first item is ticked off with a smear.

Party prep needs doing for my poo years eve.
I just ticked off another item with a mighty heave.
I need to buy brown streamers.
And then some stinky creamers.
Don’t forget to flush, that’s a sight you mustn’t leave.

My guests will need food and drink.
Some party fuel for their poopy stink.
And then some games to play.
But ones without brown spray.
Cos that shit belongs in the toilet sink.

I’ll pick out some really groovy tunes.
And even get some brown balloons.
Now my to doo list is nearly complete.
And the loo is clean for the guests’ excrete.
I just wiped off last night’s full moon.

Pure Pooetry

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