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Shop Til You Plop

I apoologise, this poost is long overdue.
And like always it’s about number two.

Rejoice! We’ve opened up an online shop.
Now you can browse merch while you plop.

It’s been up and running for some time.
Just like a fountain of diarrhoea slime.

We’ve got stickers, mugs and door hangers.
Use the latter when you’re unloading a banger.

And the rumours are true, we’ve a book on the way.
The best filthy rhymes, bowels will be blown away.

Over three hundred classics, sure to please.
You can read them while you shit the breeze.

Plus there’ll be bonus new pooems not found online.
Soon to be classics, encrusted with corn and grime.

And last but not least, as an extra stinky treat.
There’ll be sculptures, made from our own meat.

Be sure to stop by the shop, pick up a prize winner.
BOK BOK! I’ve pooped out my chicken dinner.

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