Rocky Balboga

Pooem concept by Papa Poosepi.

The gloves are off now as I enter round two.
A furious oppoonent, Rocky Balboga and his mighty poo.

Beaten and battered I reach the end of the round.
Against all odds, my coight like mince, spoiled and ground.

I psych myself up to answer round three.
To much surprise, it flies passed gleefully.

Rounds four to six, are much harder to win.
So I dig in my heels and give a little grin.

Rounds fly past, as I begin to sweat.
Such a monumental task, fatigue has begun to set.

I have finally made it, last round of the night.
But suddenly, I suffer a terrible fright.

Rocky Balboga has left the best to last.
In a crushing defeat round twelve, I could not pass…

Pure Pooetry

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