A Pooetry Collabpooration: Mr. Creamy Shits!

This is a Pure Pooetry Colabpooration between Shizhard Wizard, Papa Poosepi and Count Dumpula!

Hi there folks, Mr. Creamy Shits is the name!
I love creamy brown things that always leave a stain.
I’m out on this merry night to find a throne to maim.

Since I was a tiny lad I’ve been fascinated by poo.
A simple motto I live by, zero in the goo and five in the poo.
…and never dump the browns in ones own shoe.

But it’s this time of year that gets me so merry.
Releasing the bird of poo-peace, my caca-canary.
And hanging up decorations and chocolate dingleberries.

I most look forward to my Christmas dinner.
Eating festive food to create a merry winner.
Dropping Christmas deuces to help me get thinner.

Plus I still need to do my Christmas shop.
To get the ingredients for a Christmas plop.
Cos my dumps are the brown creams of the crop!

Here’s a Christmas message unrelated to corporate business…
“Mr. Creamy Shits” uses the same letters as “Merry Christmas!”
With just an “r” left over, it makes for a happy shitmas!

Pure Pooetry

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