I Spy With My Brown Eye

I’ll tell you a story and believe me it’s true…
About what I saw floating inside the loo.

Something so strange which filled me with disgust.
The most putrid of floater I think I will chuck.

But how could it be, this most sickening sight.
Something was floating I tell you and it wasn’t shite.

I’ll tell you my friends about what I did see…
But I warn you to read on carefully.

May I suggest you get into a brace position…
Because what’s about to come will definitely sicken.

Now you’ve been warned so I shall continue…
About the horror that’ll stir nightmares within you.

I went to take a magnificent dump.
A real slayer of fecal was the expected clump…

I entered to stall but the lid was down.
So I lifted it up and began to frown.

What I saw my friends it made me cry.
There it was… a partially digested french fry!

Pure Pooetry

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