First Fecal Swill

Here’s the first fecal swill of the day.
The smell has scared all others away.

In fact it has me quite taken aback.
That something so foul came from my crack.

I’m starting to doubt that this smell is even mine.
As the ooze released feels utterly like slime.

It feels extra oily and sleuths out much too quickly.
This plus the stench is making me feel quite sickly.

A mid-shit fragrance spray, I am in dire need.
Thankfully this is not forbidden by my own creed.

I muster the courage to get up and wipe.
I dare not glimpse at the remaining gripe.

But I accidentally do and forever wish I had not.
My mind now stained like the bowl with rectal snot.

Pure Pooetry

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