Fight Fecal With Fragrance

Drizzling chocolate streams.
Disgusting runny creams.
A soft serve gone wrong.
A stench so meaty and strong.
A nightmare, not a dream.

This ooze is thick and fast.
Then a spray is suddenly cast.
Squirting at the speed of light.
Witness horrible fecal flight.
A shitful snot rocket blast.

Wretched spawn of wide girth.
From the sour rear it did birth.
Emerging to depths unknown.
My anus outward has blown.
A creature not of this Earth.

Fight it back with a fragrant spray.
A pleasant smell, not nasty dismay.
Begone monster of mashed poo.
Flushed down the tainted loo.
Remaining is sweet scent, hooray!

Pure Pooetry

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