Dairy, Pooetry

Brown Cheese

Squeeze out the brown cheese.
Give a sequel if it does please.
But I shoulda left it in a ditch.
As suddenly it gave a twitch.
And heightened was my unease.

This heinous gelatinous blob.
Gave off a disturbing throb.
As it lay at the bottom of my bowl.
On my face grew a sour scowl.
What am I to do with this brown slob?

This cheese has a smell of old feet.
And a waft of great fecal defeat.
So I blast that shit away to Hades.
And tip my ass hat to all the ladies.
But my shitty victory is discreet.

Gone is the mysterious cow’s creation.
Flushed away fecal dairy incarnation.
Safe am I for yet another day.
Until another cheesy egg I do lay.
Til then my name is poocrastination.

Pure Pooetry

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